Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bloggers and the weather

Seriously, what's up with bloggers and the weather? They are continuously whining about it come heatwave or snowstorm. And lately I cannot read anything but crying about the cold/rainy weather. I would like to focus on bloggers living in Europe.

Now listen to me, girls. You were either born in Europe, or moved here later on. In the first case you had 20-something (a bit less, a bit more) years to get used to these conditions. And if the latter is the case, then you chose it so you must have been well aware of Europe not being South America.

And the thing is, Europe experiencing one of the mildest winters of the past decade or so, and the temperatures hardly went under 0 yet. You can wear your coat unzipped and can "show a bit of ankle" from you sneakers (that's right, no need for boots yet). So really, what's all that fuss about? Get used to it, it's winter! You cannot wear your fancy skirts bare-legged or your newly purchased Birkenstocks just because they became trendy when autumn arrived to this part of the world. Winter is about cold, and rain and snow. Isn't winter the point of buying all those turtle necks and wool skirts and knee high boots that you were babbling about in August?

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I've ordered this little number from ASOS. Now if you want to wear such an "outfit" during winter you either travel to somewhere totes amaze, you lucky bastard, or you travel to Hungary and spend a good day relaxing in a thermal bath/spa. We got plenty to offer. And since I will spend a tiny bit more time in Hungary from this January on, I can't wait to put on this navy swimsuit.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BITE ME, 2014!

Going to salute the sun more often

Going to get strong

Gonna become a Marant-girl

Going to forgive

Friday, November 8, 2013


I got cupcakes from THIS place for our anniversary with boyfriend. They were amazingly delicious and creamy and dreamy. Also, the girl at their counter in Schiphol was really sweet so bonus for the customer service.

You can find them in Schiphol Plaza (in front of HEMA) or in The Hague on the Korte Poten (the street that brings you from [not exactly but sort of] central station to Plein). And when I walk in front of their The Hague shop I cannot help but recall this moment from Sex and The City:

Indulge in a cupcake (or three) at Magnolia Bakery and travel the island of Manhattan like the ladies.  Follow the HBO Sex and the City Foursquare list here: http://itsh.bo/YdH2lZ

Even if it's not Magnolia Bakery their cupcakes taste at least as good as the expression of the ladies above shows.