Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Peter Dundas, the designer of Pucci came through as a real nice lad in the interview of Porter Issue 3. So I started to follow him on Instagram as well hoping of making friends with him. So Peter, if you are reading this, I think we could make a great team.

I have already went crazy about his fall collection from a year ago here, but his creations for this fall are nothing short of amazeballs either. (I probably shouldn't use that word, now should I? I just did.) I love the heavy knits, short dresses and use of khaki. Three outfits I would not mind to have in my closet this fall (it was hard to choose three, but most probably none of you would care to watch more):

Usually I'm more of a sweater than cardigan kind of girl and this same looks exist with the same patterned sweater too, but the belting feels really fresh and adds a little silhouette - never underestimate a heavy knit that can emphasize your silhouette. 

Khaki, the color of the season. Although most probably the pants would not work on me, there's something instantly sexy about the contrast between the sheer dark grey silky shirt and the leather pants. Like a First Lady who joined the military. Or something...

I would wear it to New Year's Eve.The sheer panels, the studs, the turtle neck - could it get any better?

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