Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BITE ME, 2014!

Going to salute the sun more often

Going to get strong

Gonna become a Marant-girl

Going to forgive

Friday, November 8, 2013


I got cupcakes from THIS place for our anniversary with boyfriend. They were amazingly delicious and creamy and dreamy. Also, the girl at their counter in Schiphol was really sweet so bonus for the customer service.

You can find them in Schiphol Plaza (in front of HEMA) or in The Hague on the Korte Poten (the street that brings you from [not exactly but sort of] central station to Plein). And when I walk in front of their The Hague shop I cannot help but recall this moment from Sex and The City:

Indulge in a cupcake (or three) at Magnolia Bakery and travel the island of Manhattan like the ladies.  Follow the HBO Sex and the City Foursquare list here: http://itsh.bo/YdH2lZ

Even if it's not Magnolia Bakery their cupcakes taste at least as good as the expression of the ladies above shows.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I could hardly imagine a collection that is more "me" than the autumn/winter 13/14 Emilio Pucci. It has everything that I love at the moment: over-the-knee boots, short dresses, messy hair. (That last one is actually not my choice, I guess the hair-fairy decided for me to have bad hair day everyday. But I screwed her and now I own it.) Would wear the last outfit for New Year's Eve celebrations and the first two for Christmas dinners. The third one is a bonus, just because it looks amazing and I love turtle neck.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Welcome to my new blog layout! It's not entirely finished yet, I am still not satisfied with the fonts and need to install some social buttons, but other than that I think it's looking good in it's new white croco-leather outfit. A bit unusual, a bit unexpected but certainly very me.
• G i R L • She is so cute - I love her haircut and her Mary Janes.

Now what I want to talk about today is my hair, or better, the end of a 14 years war.  That is because up until my 8th birthday I was completely satisfied with the hairstyle my mum chose for me: short, boyish, easy to wear.. Even though all my girlfriends in school had long, girlish locks I was juuust fine with my shorty-short chop. This was until my mum decided I had to do something cultural once I didn't want to play the flute anymore (because I hated my music teacher so much). And let this cultural something something be Hungarian folk dance that comes with pretty folk dresses and hair worn in braids - that, as we all know, requires a certain length of hair.

Girls performing traditional Hungarian folk dancing on an open-air stage.

So my hair (hand in hand with my misery) started to grow out. It was terrible, really. It was just growing and growing and I hardly knew how to make a ponytail because I had short hair for as long as I could remember. Soon enough though my sister invested in a hot iron which marks a new era in my life. I realized that I don't necessarily have to put up with my hair that was growing in a strange, wavy manner. It can be straight and shiny and fabulous. And it was, until I stepped out the front door and made my way to the bus station where my hair went back to its normal condition: weird and wavy, thanks to humidity.

So I went through my teenager years in a constant fight with my hair, lot of bad hair days and occasionally a good hair day, starting my mornings with plugging in the hot iron even before I went to the bathroom and trying to make myself like my natural waves with no success. It was just so much better straightened. I invested a considerably big percentage of my pocket money into hairstyling products that promised straight hair. They all lied. Nothing gave me straight hair, expect my hot iron.
A hot iron!
Would have done anything for straight hair...
 I ironed my hair every single school morning and sometimes on the weekends. It became such a routine like washing my teeth. And surprisingly enough, my hair didn't get damaged. Of course I had some split ends but with regular 3 months visit at my hairdresser I always managed to keep it healthy looking. It was only when I came to the Netherlands that I realized what REAL humidity is. Ironing now became totally useless, I did it, anyways, just for those pretty ten minutes until I left home. And soon enough my hair started to suffer. I tried to use all kinds of products but nothing helped. This summer one week after hairdresser my locks were back to their old, split-end self. It was depressing.

Enough is enough. Two years ago I started to grow my hair (I was inspired by those mermaid pictures, you know where hair serves as bra). I wanted to reach a lenght that I never had. But it got harder and harder so I went for a chop. And it changed everything.
About the Author #8... I write about mermaids! (And/or mermaid-ish lore. Comes from 'being a California girl', which is #4 on my About the Author list.)
Now it is important to know that I never went to the hairdresser in the Netherlands. I heard enough nightmare stories to wait 4 to 6 months until the next time I fly to Hungary and get a cut from my own kapper. It was significantly cheaper, too. But desperate times call for desperate measures and my split ends were so terrible that the end of my hair was a few shades lighter than my roots. It was just too ugly. I had to brace myself and get a haircut in Dutchland. I didn't care about the price anymore, I wanted the best. That is how I came across the Rob Peetoom salons. Since lot of their salons are located in the most prestigious shopping mall of Holland (de Bijenkorf) I had a good feeling about it. Getting my hair cut between Alexander Wang pumps and Michael Kors purses? Hell yeah!

I got a very sophisticated, shoulder length cut from Anouk in the Hague salon. I only chose her by mistake while I was booking my appointment online and I liked her name. But she was real kind, explained me why I have not much chance to grow my hair very long and gave me some advices on how to blow dry my hair to make it seem more voluminous. The whole hairdresser experience was just amazing (did I mention the massage chair in action while they were washing my hair?) and I am sure that I will go back soon.
lovely pepa | Tumblr
My hairspiration that I showed to the hairstylist
But the best about my new cut is that ever since I got it I only used the hot iron once. And it was a month ago. I am just fine how it is right now, my weirdo waves seem less weird and it all just feels right. I don't need much styling anymore and it even looks good when I get out of bed. Maybe a hairbrush can make a little bit better, but if I happen to forget it, that's just fine, too.

I am now proud to say that the war is over. It turns out, a good cut is really the only thing you need for a good hair day. The rest (hot iron, styling products) is just there to turn it into a great or fabulous hair day.

Saturday, October 12, 2013



I came across this pic on Garance Dore's blog. It was taken on an Isabel Marant fitting before the fashion show and you can see two of Marant's assistants and a model in the middle. I got inspired by the girl in the oversized white shirt (well, probably just borrowed from the French boyfy, as those Parisienne women most probably do) so I created an outfit. I would use my denim shirt that is originally not oversized but got like that in the washing so I have to work it somehow and my new Zara bag. The girl on the picture is wearing leather pants which I do own, but I would prefer this with disco pants which I do not own and a huuuge black statement necklace around my neck. Ahh, not to forget those ankle boots, current Zara cravings.


Friday, October 11, 2013

sweater weather or whatever weather

Did she get a phone call while putting on her sweater or this is the new way of wearing sweaters now? Either way, Tommy Ton never ceases to show us yet an other face of the fashion weeks.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On a side note

"Horizons" | Photographer: Ben Kelevra, Holocaust Monument, Berlin, Germany, 2011

It has been almost a year that I visited Berlin for the first time in my life in the end of October, 2012 (Gosh, time flies) and it made a huge impact on me. The vicinity of past decades can only compare to Rome - only in Rome we are witnessing ancient history that has faded into greatness in human memory whilst in Berlin terrible events of recent history come into life on every corner. It feels like the present Berlin is still apologizing for the inhumanity that destroyed the city, the country and the continent. 

Even though today's Berlin is a cheerful place (why shouldn't it be? It is no more responsible for all past terrors) we must respect its own way of grief. That is why I am SHOCKED when I see fashion bloggers or Instagrammers posing on pictures between the tombs of the Holocaust memorial. Even though it is a breathtaking piece of art it is there for a horrifying reason. The holocaust memorial is not a place for outfit pictures, for hide and seek or for obstacle jumping games. It is a sacred place in memorial of millions of souls that have been the victims of one of the biggest cruelties in human history. Act accordingly when visiting.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Isabel, Y U NO MAD?

first peek at Isabel Marant's line for H & M (yes, please!!) avail. November 14th
When the news broke about the collaboration between Isabel Marant and H&M a few months ago my heart skipped a beat. Just a few days before the news an article of mine have been published about Madam Marant so I was up-to-date about all her current (which meant SS13 back then) and future (FW13-14) collections and I couldn't have been more excited about the news. But then I had a moment of enlightenment while walking through stores literally and metaphorically (on which I mean online window shopping)- haven't we all been wearing unofficial Marant from H&M for a number of seasons now? 

This past summer we could see many pieces on the shelves of the Swedish high street brand that has been inspired (if not heavily influenced [if not COPIED]) by the French designer's best selling items. And the same is happening now, a little less than two months before the launch of their collaboration. I couldn't help but question why Isabel Marant is okay with it. Does she now about it? I mean the huge ads all around town are so obvious she cannot possibly NOT know about it. These boots from the H&MxGisele Bündchen campaign are really similar to the Sebay suede ankle boots, just to mention one example. 

Isabel Marant who sued the French high street brand Naf Naf for intellectual property breach does nothing about the same thing happening on an actually much bigger scale. ISABEL WHY YOU NO MAD?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

To Kill A Hummingbird*

Olivia Burton OB13AM06 Animal Motif Mink Hummingbird - gratis verzending - www.21DIAMONDS.nl

Most of my friends are celebrating their birthdays during the fall months and it instantly makes me excited about my own. The only thing is, I have to wait until the end of November to have an excuse for spending a ridiculous amount of money on stuff I don't actually need, just because it's my birthday. Well, well...a girl can dream so here's the first item on my wish list: this beautiful hummingbird watch with white leather straps from Olivia Burton - love at first sight!

Barátnőim nagy része ősszel ünnepli szülinapját, így hát én is mindig idejekorán kezdek el izgulni a sajátom miatt, amire egészen november végéig kell várni. Ez a gyönyörű Olivia Burton kolibris óra fehér bőr szíjakkal már fel is került  a képzeletbeli kívánságlistámra. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


From when the weather was still nice and I was in Hungary. None of these statements are true anymore, but oh well, seasons change. So do cities. (You feel the little SATC reference here, don't you?) I guess I should say something nasty to make my terrific Fashaves t-shirt justified, but that would certainly not be very lady-like of me. 

Sajnos azóta már nincs ilyen jó idő, és nem is vagyok ott, ahol ezek a képek készültek (név szerint Szegeden).

Skirt/Szoknya - ZARA
Sandals/Szandál - Moschino
Bag/Táska - Michael Kors

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Autumn Uniform // Őszi egyenruha

Fall Uniform

I've got the idea from the Keep It Chic blog and I also decided to create my own fall uniform. I chose three items I already own and two items are crave. The faux leather pants are not-surprisingly from H&M but I must say they do fit quite flawless on me. And it's not because I have such a wonderful shape, it's just simply a well-designed piece, best €30 I've ever spent. Then my new Sacha pistol boots with snake skin detailing and the turtle neck sweater from last year - a real wardrobe staple. It was hard to decide between burgundy and mustard for my official fall uniform but I went for mustard because it is the perfect fall-version of yellow which is my favorite summer color. Both the bag and scarf are from Zara and I am really tempted to click them home right at this moment.

Itt van az ősz, itt van újra.... És most nem annyira szép, hiszen már harmadik napja folyamatosan esik az eső odakinn. És nem csak úgy csepereg, ahogy általában szokott, hanem szakad. Mindig próbálom magam azzal nyugtatni, hogy nem eshet örökké, de az igazság az, hogy de igen eshet! :) Na de ha már az ősznél tartunk összeállítottam az "őszi egyenruhám" ami azt jelenti, hogy ezt a szettet tartom az őszre legalkalmasabbnak: műbőr naci a H&M-ből, egy tavalyi fekete garbó, az új Sacha csizmám és két darab, ami komoly csábítást jelent, a mustársárga táska és sál a Zarából.

If you liked this post please don't forget to like my blog on Facebook and share your own Autumn Outfit there or here in the comment box! Ha tetszett ez a bejegyzés, akkor ne felejtsd el követni a blogom Facebookon és megosztani a saját őszi egyenruhád ott vagy alul a komment dobozban! 

Friday, September 6, 2013


The season's first New York Fashion Week crash has officially happened. I just love everything about spring collection of American designer Robert Rodriguez. It is breathtaking, it is simple yet artistic, it is sophisticated, it is for the young women. I fell deeply in love and I will open a saving account and will call it Roberto Rodriguez SS14. 

A szezon első New York divathét szerelembe esése megtörtént! Imádom Robert Rodriguez amerikai tervező tavaszi-nyári kollekcióját: lélegzetelállító, bájos, de modern, egyszerű, de művészi, a kifinomult is fiatal nőknek készült.

I guess this outfit is not for everyone, or let me rephrase - almost for no one. But I love the feathery details, even though it would make me look like a ostrich. Ez a tollas "borzadály" nem mindenkinek áll jól, vagyis mondjuk inkább úgy, majdnem senkinek sem áll jól, de attól függetlenül hihetetlenül formabontó, még ha én struccnak is néznék ki benne... 

Gotta love the marvel print, skirt length, belt and white panel detail. Csodálatos ruha: tökéletes hossz, gyönyörű márvány minta, derekat hangsúlyozó öv és izgalmas nyakmegoldás. 

Besides black and white the designer also applied some powder blue in his SS14 collection. To be frank I never thought about wearing this color (really, did anyone expect for mothers of new born baby boys?), but Robert Rodriguez made me think twice about it. A fekete és a fehér mellett a tervező a púderkéket is felhasználta jövő tavaszi kollekciójához. Őszintén szólva soha nem gondoltam arra, hogy ezt a színt hordjam, de Robert Rodriguez rávett, hogy legközelebb kétszer is átgondoljam. 

Dress-perfection. This will be the first item I am purchasing from my newly opened saving account. And the shoes - shoe-perfection. A tökéletes ruha a tökéletes cipővel.

The office version of the dress above. A fenti ruha irodai változata.

The boxy top is balanced by the feathering movements of the skirt's metallic fringes. A felső laza merevségét a szoknya lágyan ringó, fémes csillogású rojtjai ellensúlyozzák. (Mennyi paradoxon.)

I do find the midriff trend amazing but I also said I was never going to wear it. However, this much midriff even I would consider. Mindig is úgy gondoltam, hogy az amúgy menő hasvillantós trend nem nekem való, ám ennyi talán még nálam is belefér.

(Not so) Little Black Dress. A (nem is annyira) kis fekete.

White feathers.... do I need to say more? Fehér tollak. Több szóra nincs is szükség.

I love how the hem of the skirt is just a few centimeters longer than the front. I wanna wear it right now with a cable knit sweater (well I don't because it's 30 degrees, but you know what I mean...) Ezt a  hátul csupán pár centivel hosszabb szoknyát most szívesen viselném egy kötött pulcsival, ha nem lenne 30 fok.

Haute Knock Off - Fashion Forward // Koppintsd le!

Haute Knock Off

I'm being very fashion forward right now so watch my step. But how cool is it that you can actually wear next summer's fashion tomorrow?! I know, it's so cool we need a new word for it! Awesome wouldn't quite cut it either. Ehh... Regardless (of my bullsh**), this pretty outfit is from Gwen Stefani's very own brand, L.A.M.B. Camisoles are having an IT moment right now, and if you don't have Gina Tricot in your country you will find a very similar one in Zara. As for the orange clutch - I have a thing for them. 

Camisole/Kombiné - Gina Tricot
Pants/Nadrág  - MANGO
Clutch/Táska - ASOS

Gwen Stefani saját márkája, a L.A.M.B szerdán mutatta be jövő tavaszi-nyári kollekcióját. Az élénk narancssárga szín fontos szerepet játszik több összeállításban is (itt megtekinthetitek az összeset). A kombiné, mint utcai viselet már erősen kezd megjelenni több üzletlánc készletében is, így nem nehéz beszerezni, Magyarországon többek között a Zarában kapható. 

If you liked this post, don't forget to let me know in a comment or on Facebook. Check out all the other Haute Knock Off posts HERE. Ha tetszett a bejegyzés ne felejtsd el tudtomra adni egy kommentben vagy Facebookon. IDE kattintva megnézheted a régebbi Koppintsd le! bejegyzéseseket is. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Day around Buda Castle. Photos were taken in a silent corner of the Fisherman's Bastion that was to my surprise not littered with tourists.
Egy csodaszép nap a budai várban. A képek a Halászbástya egy csendes zugában készültek, ami a vár többi részéhez képes meglepően üres volt. Mire nem képes egy belépőjegy...

Dress/Ruha - VILA
Sandals/Szandál - Moschino
Bubble necklace/Nyaklánc - Primark
Ring with heart/Szívecskés gyűrű - a present from my dear mom/ajándék anyukámtól
Bunch of faux golden rings/többi gyűrű - H&M

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


After a long and well-deserved holiday I'm back with September's first (and only) Tuesday Picks. From now on you can enjoy it in a new format: click on the "View" button on the image below and you will be able to read my mini-mag. I decided to publish Tuesday Picks only every first Tuesday of the month in order to avoid fillers. However, if I find something very interesting I won't wait until next month to tell you about it, on Tuesdays I will post separate, individual finds. Whether you like the new format or not - please do let me know in the comment box! 

Egy hosszú és megérdemelt vakáció után ismét jelentkezem. Egy jó hírem is van: a Ked(d)vtelés rovat új köntöst kapott, és mostantól minden hónap első keddjén olvashatjátok az új, interaktív minimagazint! Nem kell mást tennetek, mint hogy a képen látható "View" gombra kattintotok, és már lapozgathatjátok is. Akár tetszik, akár nem, kérlek áruljátok el egy kommentben!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Picks // Ked(d)telés 06082013

Tuesday Picks 06082013

1. A blog (and an outfit) I love: if you were about to check out my Bloglovin account you could see that I follow many many blogs. However, there are only a very few of them that I am genuinely interested in and I read every single time as soon as there is a new post. I am always happy to come across such blogs therefore if you have any recommendations please let me know! Now, it's time to talk about the lady on the picture who is one of my favorite blogger: Hedvig of Northern Light. Hedvig is living in London and her style is flawless. She usually wears timeless pieces and combines them in such a way that no one else would think of. On this picture she is wearing her favorite jeans, a good-quality striped t-shirt that is a wardrobe staple and flat golden sandals to spice the outfit up a little but stay comfortable at the same time. This outfit is something I would choose for traveling as it is very laid-back yet chic.
Egy blog (és egy outfit), amit imádok: Ha bejelentkeznél a  Bloglovin-omba láthatnád, hogy rengeteg blogot követek. Nem sok olyan van azonban közöttük, amit tényleg minden alkalommal el is olvasok, amint megjelenik egy új bejegyzés. Az egyik ilyen kedvencem például a Northern Light blog a képen is látható Hedvigtől. A norvég, de Londonban élő Hedvig stílusa kifinomult; időtálló darabjaiból mindig olyan szetteket válogat össze, amelyekre senki más nem gondolt volna. A képen viselt öltözéke tökéletes lenne utazáshoz, hiszen egyszerre sikkes és kényelmes.

2. Current shoesession (ya know, like shoe-obsession ha!): aaand meet my new leopard Ugg sandals. I'm still not sure about the black Birkenstock trend started by Celine around a year ago (furry soles, yucky!!), but for the time being this little number is a perfect alternative. It goes great with ripped jeans or a good old pair of skinny jeans.
Legfrissebb szerzeményem ez a leopárd mintás Ugg papucs. Még nem döntöttem el, hogy tetszik-e a Birkenstock papucsokra hajazó lábbelitrend, amit a Céline indított útjára nagyjából egy évvel ezelőtt, addig is ez a kevésbé bumfordi darab tökéletes alternatíva lesz.

3. Would you go to the cinema alone? The other they I asked my boyfriend who is already on holiday at his parents place but I'm still stuck in the Netherlands: would it be very pathetic to go to the movies alone? Somehow it just feels strange. You can do sightseeing alone, you can go the library alone, you can eat lunch alone, you can go shopping alone, but if you go to the cinema alone you are a weirdo. Weirdo in a "forever alone" way. In the end I didn't go to the cinema and now I won't have time to do so until my holidays (I wanted to watch the Bling Ring) but to the hell with this stupid stereotype anyway! There's nothing wrong with going to the movies alone and if I can't convince you, these 9 reason will for sure!
 Mentél már valaha is egyedül moziba? Vajon miért van a köztudatban az a vélemény, hogy ha valaki egyedül megy moziba, akkor biztos szingli, szomorú, sajnálni való vagy akár szánalomra is méltó? Ha egyedül ebédelünk, egyedül vásárolunk, egyedül megyünk a könyvtárba vagy egyedül nézünk egy filmet otthon, akkor senkinek nincs egy rossz szava se, de amint egyedül merünk elmenni a moziba, rögtön kapunk egy két nem kívánt pillantást. Pontosan emiatt a társadalmi nyomás miatt még soha nem voltam a moziban egyedül, de amint úgy hozza az alkalom, biztos megteszem! 9 ok, amiért jó egyedül menni a moziba. 

4. A book I love: I've just finished the Inferno form Dan Brown and I must say: wow! It's no secret that I really enjoy the writing style of Mr Brown and this book was one of the most eye-opening from the Langdon-series regarding a current topic. I cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for a great read for the last month of hot summer days!
Ha egy jó kis olvasnivalót keresel a maradék forró nyári napokra és érdekelnek a különböző összeesküvés-elméletek, akkor Dan Brown új könyvét, az Inferno-t neked találták ki. Brown egyébként is az összeesküvések nagymestere, és bár fogalmam sincs, hogy mennyi igaz abból, amit ír (sokan támadják), nagyon élvezem történelemmel és művészettel átszőtt alkotásait.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 things to do in Capri - A Gal's Guide to the World // 3 kihagyhatatlan dolog Caprin - Egy csaj útikalauza a világhoz

One of my most recent travels was to the astonishing island of Capri. Capri is known to be the favorite place of Italian and international celebrities and you might catch a glance of the holidaying Beyoncé, Lenny Kravitz, Valentino Garavani or Pierce Brosnan himself. Beautiful views, silence, cleanliness and high prices mark this little paradise on Earth but there's still plenty things left to do in Capri for us, less famous people. :)

Nemrégiben jártam a csodálatos Caprin és be kell valljam, igazat írnak az útikönyvek: a Nápoly partjaitól 50 kilométernyire fekvő sziget valóban egy földi paradicsom. Nemhiába kedvenc úti célja tehát olasz és nemzetközi hírességek tömegeinek sem, megfordult már itt többek között Beyoncé és Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Pierce Brosnan, Valentino, Rihanna és Lindsey Lohan. Gyönyörű kilátás, nyugalom és csend fogad bennünket Capri történelmi városkájának szívében, na meg eget verő árak. De pánikra semmi ok, nekünk, kevésbé híres embereknek is bőven akad mit csinálnunk ezen a mesés helyen.

1. Rent a boat - you could go on a tourist boat with a guide and see what they tell you to see, or you could rent a boat and explore the island on your own. And it is not even that expensive! For only €80/2 hours/boat with a maximum of 5 person you can go around the whole island, pass under the famous Faraglioni rocks where the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue perfume ad has been filmed or just moor in a quite place and enjoy the views while having a sunbath. Having your own boat for a little while will make you feel VIP, I guarantee. You won't need boat-driving licence, but it is always better to have someone with a little experience (and courage) drive the boat. Look for the Capri Boat - Banana Sport rental just next to the ticket office where you can buy your tickets for the ferry. For more information and full price list click HERE.

Bérelj motorcsónakot! A túlzsúfolt és lármás turista-hajók helyett saját magad is felfedezheted a sziget környékét egészen megfizethető áron. €80-ért maximum 5 személy 2 óráig élvezheti a csodálatos szigetecske látványát, árhajózhat a híres Faraglioni sziklák alatt, ahol többek között a Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue parfümjének reklámját is forgatták vagy  zavartalanul napozhat a hajó fedélzetén. Keresd a Capri Boat - Banana Sport kölcsönzőt a komp-jegyiroda közvetlen szomszédságában. További infóért és teljes árlistáért kattints IDE

Just after crossing under the Faraglioni rocks // Közvetlenül azután, hogy áthaladtunk a Faraglioni sziklák alatt

Faraglioni rocks from a bit further away // A Faraglioni sziklák kicsit meszebbről

Pretty view of the island from the boat // Gyönyörű kilátás a szigetre

I was really on a boat, you see, white as a mozzarella, as Italians would say :) // Ahogy láthatjátok, tényleg ott voltam a hajón, fehéren, mint egy mozzarella, ahogy az olaszok mondanák :) 

2. Try a cup of granita di limone made out of huge and delicious lemons of Capri that is the best refreshment on a hot day after a long walk in the historical town of Capri. Granita (often called sorbet outside Italy) is a drink/dessert made from ice, sugar and different flavorings. You will find granita stands around all points of interest full with tourists.

Próbáld ki a frissítően finom citromos jégkását, ami egész biztosan jól jön majd a dél-olasz kánikulában. Jégkását és egyéb frissítőket kínáló bódékba könnyű belefutni minden turistalátványosság 100 méteres hatáskörében. 

Granita di Limone stand facing the entrance of the Gardens of Augustus // Granita di Limone (jégkása) árus az Augutus kertek bejáratával szemben

Enjoying a cup of granita di limone with an exceptional view // Élvezem a gyönyörű kilátást egy pohár citromos jégkásával

3. Shop in Yamamay - even though you can find almost all luxurious brands in the town of Capri there is almost nothing available in the lower price range. However, you will find a small shop from the Italian lingerie brand Yamamay that offers beautiful swimsuits, beach clothing and accessories for an affordable price in the hot season.

 Vásárolj a Yamamayban! Bár luxusmárkákat árusító boltokból nincs hiány a szigeten, nem túl sok lehetőség van olcsóbb árkategóriájú ruhákat vásárolni. Szerencsére az igazi olasz Yamamay márka Capri óvárosában is árul megfizethető bikiniket, strandruhákat és egyéb kiegészítőket.

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