Every fashion magazine's best part are the first few pages where you find colorful collages, fashionable editor's picks, and the best beauty collections. The First pages blog is inspired by these pages and it aims to deliver the best lifestyle collections to young women.

My name is Hajni from Hungary but currently based in the Netherlands. I started this blog in April, 2012 with the simple idea of Tuesday Picks and I'm writing ever since (with some pauses here and there). I enjoy spending time on writing fashion and lifestyle related articles and creating collages; collages that you usually see on the first pages of fashion magazines, hence the name of my blog.

In my free time I love to read fashion magazines, fashion blogs and novels, to enjoy life and a great cappuccino in a cozy café or to bake something sweet. Fashion is my long term addiction, if you don't believe ask my father who was always late from work because I couldn't decide what to wear to the kindergarten. Traveling is what I do best and I am so grateful that I have been to many different places already.

Recently I have been writing to the Hungarian online fashion magazine, Fashionfave.com. The list of my articles:

Isabel Marant, a párizsi sikk megtestesítője http://fashionfave.com/isabel-marant-a-parizsi-sikk-megtestesitoje
4 trükk, amit inkább ne less el a divatbloggerektől http://fashionfave.com/4-trukk-amit-inkabb-ne-less-el-a-divatbloggerektol
4 trükk, amit érdemes ellesni a divatbloggerektől http://fashionfave.com/4-trukk-amit-erdemes-ellesni-a-divatbloggerektol
SMINK: min spórolj, mire költs? http://fashionfave.com/smink-min-sporolj-mire-kolts