Sunday, September 22, 2013

Isabel, Y U NO MAD?

first peek at Isabel Marant's line for H & M (yes, please!!) avail. November 14th
When the news broke about the collaboration between Isabel Marant and H&M a few months ago my heart skipped a beat. Just a few days before the news an article of mine have been published about Madam Marant so I was up-to-date about all her current (which meant SS13 back then) and future (FW13-14) collections and I couldn't have been more excited about the news. But then I had a moment of enlightenment while walking through stores literally and metaphorically (on which I mean online window shopping)- haven't we all been wearing unofficial Marant from H&M for a number of seasons now? 

This past summer we could see many pieces on the shelves of the Swedish high street brand that has been inspired (if not heavily influenced [if not COPIED]) by the French designer's best selling items. And the same is happening now, a little less than two months before the launch of their collaboration. I couldn't help but question why Isabel Marant is okay with it. Does she now about it? I mean the huge ads all around town are so obvious she cannot possibly NOT know about it. These boots from the H&MxGisele Bündchen campaign are really similar to the Sebay suede ankle boots, just to mention one example. 

Isabel Marant who sued the French high street brand Naf Naf for intellectual property breach does nothing about the same thing happening on an actually much bigger scale. ISABEL WHY YOU NO MAD?

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  1. you're right! I wonder what she thinks about all this. Maybe it's too late to rock the boat?