Friday, February 15, 2013

My latest pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is something me and the memory of my computer really enjoy. I can pin all the inspiring, cute, beautiful, funny pictures I find online without saving them on my computer and I can organize them easily. Let's see my latest pins:

1. Lately I am a sucker of flowers. Every Thursday or Saturday I visit the farmer's market in town and I get my hands on some beautiful bunch of tulips, roses, hyacinths and so on. This arrangement is on my to-do list, I just need to get a similar vase.

Pinned Image

Preparing for summer. It's no secret that my favourite season is summer. This means I am pinning summer outfit pictures all year round. This skirt is actually something I already have but never though about pairing it with a shirt. Well, this summer it will definitely happen. Pinned Image
I start every morning with a glass of apple cider-water cocktail. Does it taste good? NO. Is it good for me? Yes! Here's why:

Apple Cider Vinegar

This picture is one of the band member of the French Plastiscines. I only know one song from them (heard in Gossip Girl) but this picture really has a nice atmosphere.

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