Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Picks / Ked(d)vtelés

Tuesday Picks 26/02/2013

1. Elena Perminova - if you are familiar with stlye.com, the photography of Tommy Ton, Instagram, any fashion magazine in Europe (and so on) you must have met the face or even the name of Elena Perminova. The Russian  model (or better call her a jet setter) is a very fashionable front row choice lately. Naturally she belongs to the famous Russian Fashion Pack (you know, Miroslava Duma, yes, that annoying faced tiny socialite dressed in haute couture) Her life  wasn't easy before the fame, nor it is now. At age 17 she has been sentenced for dealing drugs but never had to go to jail thanks to his previous billionaire husband, Alexander Lebedev. Now, don't let the billionaire word fool you, they are really truly in love, raising their two sons in a billionaire harmony all over the world. (Just follow her on Instagram, and you'll see) However, this husband of her, the beloved Sasha is facing charges himself too for punching a businessman on TV. Oh, and did I mention he used to be a KGB spy? Elena's life would fit into a crime novel, but that is irrelevant compared to her style. On this picture she is sporting a Tommy Hilfiger oversized cable knit sweater which I am currently in love with.

2. This week my beauty choice fell on the L'Oréal Nude Magique product line. These product will help you look your best while sporting the natural look. My favorites are the Nude Magique CC Cream against redness and the Nude Magique BB Blush. The first one is great if you have a light-toned skin color just like me and your face gets moderately red from the smallest environmental factors such as wind, cold, or water. The gel blush is a total winner for me because it gives your face the perfect amount of blush exactly on the part of your face where you want it and it looks natural all the way.

3. Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta SS13. Forget about Taylor Swift and concentrate on the greatness of Mr de la Renta. Here's an interview with him in which he tells he won't retire just because of his age and how he finds his old designs ridiculous. Quote from Oscar de la Renta himself:

"When I was a child, I knew that perfume was related to flowers, but I didn’t really know exactly how it came out of a flower – and I come from a country where there are a lot of flowers that have very, very strong scents So, stupidly, I thought that if I got up really early in the morning I could collect the dewdrops and make a perfume that I could sell to my sisters."

4.  If we are talking about jet setters then look at this beauty kit from Benefit Cosmetics! It has everything you need for stylish travelling on the makeup line.

5. Do you like to study in the comfort of your own couch or you prefer to get your study books out of your apartment and conquer them in a coffee house/library? My favorite cafe for studying is right around the corner of the main square of the town where I live. It has huge windows and overlooks a canal. With its prettiness I feel much more inspired there to write my blog or study for hard exams whilst at home everything draws my attention away from studying.

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