Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nothing compares to Provence

Provance, France

Calanques  Profondeurs, En-Vau, Marseille




La Ᏸelle Provence

A Good Year-Albert Finney, Freddie Highmore

Jour de marché à Aix-en-Provence Sunflowers / Squash & more offered for sale in a little town of Aix in Southern France near the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. #travel #travelinsurance #iloveinsurance See the world. Do your travel insurance comparison online, save time, worry, and loads of money.

Ile de Porquerolles - Mediterranean

Three-Pepper Ratatouille Recipe: A Simple Classic for the Taste of Provence

When you are reading this post I will most probably be at one of the places where these photos have been shot. It will be my second time in Provence, I am returning one year after falling in love with this picturesque region on the southern coasts of France. Some of the photos above have been taken by me that time.

Amikor ezt a bejegyzést olvassátok valószínűleg a fent látható fotók egyikének helyszínén leszek éppen. Ez a második alkalom, hogy Provence-ba látogatok pont egy évvel azután, hogy szerelembe estem Dél-Franciaország ezen mesés vidékével. A fentiek közül pár képet én készítettem tavaly.

(1) The port of Cassis, ph. by me (2) ph. via Pinterest (3) Calanques, ph. via Tumblr (4) ph. via Pinterest (5) ph. via Pinterest (6) Restaurant in Les Goudes, close to Marseille, ph. by me (7)Windowsill in Cassis, ph. by me (8) ph. via Pinterest (9) Breakfast Provence-style, ph. via Pinterest (10) Image from the movie "A Good Year", ph. via Pinterest (11) Market in Aux de Provence, ph. via Pinterest (12) Ile de Porquerolles, ph. via Pinterest (13) Ratatouille, ph. via Pinterest


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! It brings me back to my honeymoon years ago & would love to return one day! You are so lucky! Enjoy!!!!

    1. You had honeymoon in France? Perfect choice, I must say! ;)

      It was oh-so-fabulous again, actually I'm having a bit of post-holiday blues right now, but the surprisingly nice weather and the fact that I travel again this weekend makes it less painful... :( :)