Friday, July 26, 2013

There's no place like Hungary

Szeged, Hungary

Travel: Szeged, Hungary

Cathedral of Szeged


Széchenyi tér, Pécs, Hungary

Tokaj wine region

Levander Festival  Tihany, Hungary


Hortobágy - national park in  Hungary, rich with folklore and cultural history. The park, a part of the Alföld (Great Plain) and elected among the World Heritage sites in 1999

Nine Arch Bridge - Hortobágy Puszta - Hungary

Beautiful street in Kőszeg, Hungary

Basilica of Esztergom #Hungary #Europe #Danube

White Storks nest in high places in villages across Hungary , returning year after year.

In just two weeks I am traveling to Hungary for 3 weeks about which I couldn't be more excited. I have been travelling the world (well, Europe) since  I was 16 but seriously, I couldn't find anything that compares to Hungary. There are two main stereotypes about my little country. One of them is that it's boring since we don't have a sea or high mountains. The second one is that Hungary is equal to Budapest and there's no life outside. Well, I have to prove these two stereotypes wrong. Purposefully, none of today's pictures are from Budapest.

(1) Café on the street of Szeged - the town where I have spent most of my teenager years since I went to high school there (2) The famous Magnolia tree of Szeged (3) Cathedral of Szeged (4) Pécs, my second favorite town after Szeged (5) Pécs (6) The beautiful region of Tokaj where the world-famous wine is coming from (7) This picture could have been taken in Provence except that it's not. Instead it's taken in Tihany, close to lake Balaton. Hungary also has its own lavender fields and oh my, are they beautiful or what? (8)  View of Tihany with lake Balaton (9) Hortobágy. 56% of the country is "occupied" by the Great Hungarian Plain. With it's exceptional flora and fauna Hortobágy proves that flat can be exciting, too. (10) Nine-holed Bridge, Hortobágy (11) Picturesque street in Kőszeg, a little town I will visit this summer (12) This picture was actually taken in Slovakia, but it's subject, the cathedral of Esztergom is 100% Hungarian - right next to the borders of Slovakia 

♥ Magyarország, gyönyörű vagy! 

(1)(2)(3) Szeged (4)(5) Pécs (6) Tokaj borvidék (7)(8) Tihany (9)(10) Hortobágy  (11) Kőszeg (12) Esztergom

Sources: All pictures are from Pinterest

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